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My son is a Federal Employee, he works for the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Their health insurance provider is Blue Cross. Today he received an email informing him Blue Cross now provides Livingo My Strength and Teladoc at no charge.

We’re making available to you new COVID-19 and Mental Wellness resources from Livongo for Behavioral Health powered by myStrength. Here, you’ll find strategies to manage heightened stress, tips for parenting during challenging times, ideas to manage social isolation, and other tools and information for emotional support. Find inspiration and stories of hope, Support mind, body and spirit & Track progress along your journey. Because this situation affects all of us, we’re making these resources available at no out-of-pocket cost to you through the end of 2020.

There are a number of other benefit changes, such as fully covered telehealth services provided by Teladoc®, that we’ve made available during this time. Please stay up to date on all the benefits and resources available to you at our website.

Times they are a-changing.

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At the end of December total number of Livongo users were 220k:…

The deal with the federal govt alone is expected to add 45k into 2021.…

Growth expectations are already high for the company but this deal is really significant for expanding their user count.


Thanks Steve - this piggyback’s off nilvest’s and other’s excellent notes on LVGO

this is part of LVGO’s myStrength program, and looks like another piece of evidence of LVGO partnering with a big insurance company at no cost to customers

here’s a blip on myStrength…

Approximately 135 million Americans suffer from at least one chronic condition and 20 percent of adults are also dealing with a behavioral health issue. The addition of myStrength will allow Livongo members to seamlessly manage their chronic conditions and behavioral health on one platform with a clinical grade solution that is at the same time focused on the typical health consumer. myStrength’s behavioral health solution uses evidence-based interventions including cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, positive psychology, mindfulness, and motivational interviewing to help individuals resolve clinical conditions, build resiliency, manage stress, improve mood, sleep better, or simply find daily inspiration.


wow… so BlueCross, Kaiser and Federal government… those are big adds to LVGO… all within this quarter!


This week’s Barron’s - “Medicine’s Next Revolution Is Digital” - need subscription to read

Discusses four stocks and states none look cheap

TDOC - Visits up 70% 1st quarter compared to last year but may decline because of rising unemployment

LVGO - added 620 new clients,such as corporate health plans, in 1st quarter but is also at the mercy of higher unemployment

MASI - trades at 52 times forward earnings,much higher than previous 5 year average and revenue could suffer because of fewer elective procedures by patients

IRTC - less intrusive wearable patch to warn about stroke or heart attacks but insurance reimbursement could be potential issue