Lobsters moving north--into Canada


We should build a wall. That will keep them from migrating north.



I think they’re trying to trap them…


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Lots of butter ready ??


The Captain
prefers Caribbean lobster

Those are definitely not lobster; just large crawfish.

(from Maine)


Obviously The Captain has never sailed in seas around New England :wink:

==> wicked lobsta lover


The Captain sailed the Caribbean in a boat made in New England.

Sabre 38 sailboat

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Hi Captain!!

On Anegada right now: had a Caribbean lobster wrap for lunch! Yum!!

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Good to hear from you, Murph!

Even at 84 there are firsts, yesterday I went sightseeing in a double decker bus that ended at the Mercado Municipal de Matosinhos which is near where the cruise ships dock. One sees more but has less time to enjoy the views so it’s a mixed blessing. I love markets but most have been yuppified beyond repair, converted into fast food outlets. Matosinhos is still a real fishmonger market. I bought fresh shrimp.

The Captain


Ultimate Fresh shrimp memory for me was back in the early 90’s when I lived on Isle of Palms near Charleston. A local named Henry Hargrove ( sadly gone now ) introduced me to a once a year opportunity wherein one could pay a fee and get a set numbered poles for “shrimp baiting” season. Only for regular folks- no commercial fishers allowed.

Procedure: Buy a bag of fish meal; go to the area between the mainland and the island and gather some buckets of “pluff mud”. Get coolers and beer and lanterns and take a small boat wherever you thought the shrimp would be that time of year ( shallow water- so you could push your poles firmly into the bottom). Mix pluff mud and fish meal into big balls. Place balls at the base of each pole.

Then go away from your poles and drink beer and tell fish stories or whatever. After a bit come back and throw a cast net at the base of each net. If you did this all well, ( and Henry was a pro), you could usually fill a cooler with one or two casts.

Go home and start to boil water with appropriate spices etc. Pop the heads off the live shrimp and devein if needed. Throw them into the pot .

Eat until you think you will burst with a smile on your face!

Freshest shrimp I ever had! Thanks, Henry!