Long COVID's costs are going to be astronomical

The only way to protect ourselves from long COVID is to do everything we can to protect ourselves from getting COVID in the first place.


Fully admitting I do not know the rate of long covid for Omicron.

Most of the long covid is about the virus prior to Omicron. Delta going into the lungs and other features was much worse. There is a major divide in outcomes.

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" * The prevalence of current long COVID symptoms differed between states. The states with the highest percentage of adults who currently have long COVID symptoms were Kentucky (12.7%), Alabama (12.1%), and Tennessee and South Dakota (11.6%). The states with the lowest percentage of adults who currently have long COVID symptoms were Hawaii (4.5%), Maryland (4.7%) and Virginia (5.1%).*"

I wonder if there is a statistical correlation between those who have been vaccinated and those who haven’t - and between those who have only has initial vaccination(s) and those who have had booster shots. I think one of the challenges in dealing with the statistics in the US is the lack of testing of antibodies to tabulate differences in outcomes of various variants (including presumptions of Omicron causing a lower proportion of Long COVID)



COVID-19 vaccination protects against Long COVID | Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.

What did they find?

The researchers found that receiving two COVID-19 vaccine doses, with the last at least two weeks before SARS-CoV-2 infection almost halved (a 41% decrease) the odds of developing Long COVID symptoms at least 12 weeks later, compared with not being vaccinated. Persistent Long COVID symptoms were reported by 9.5% of 3,090 breakthrough SARS-CoV-2 infections and 14.6% of unvaccinated controls.

Jeff, Basically it is a new version of the same old very idiotic arguments to keep a state very poor.

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