Lost my wireless, Nord VPN seems to be cause

My Lenovo desktop, running Windows 10, suddenly lost wireless ability yesterday (April 17th). It did not recognize any of the wireless networks that were in range. I did a few things that I thought would fix it, but no luck. Diagnostics gave me the message that there was a hardware problem or a software (drivers, etc) problem with Intel(R) Wireless AC 9560, Version

Today I went into the Task Manager and disabled my virtual private network (Nord VPN) and restarted. Voila, the computer picked up the signal from my router, and the others in my neighborhood,

I can only guess that Nord did an update that wasn’t compatible with my pc.

Has the system been rebooted? It is the first thing I try when a computer (or phone) acts up.

Yes, that was the first thing I did. I even went into “system restore” and went back a few day. Looked at any security issues that might have acted up, could not find any.

Finally when I shut down the VPN, my computer started to receive wireless signals again. Today I turned Nord VPN back on, and I’m accessing wireless internet just fine.

Go figure.

Maybe there is a piece of hardware someplace that is on the verge of failing, and its just made a temporary recovery. Just in case, I’ve backed up everything I want to make sure I want to keep.

You may want to check with the manufacturer of the hardware (Lenovo) and see if any “firmware” updates are available. They often also have driver updates, for the specific hardware that is in the machine. Sometimes the update of the VPN SW makes the drivers for the hardware “act funny”, like you’re now experiencing. Does not hurt to hit Lenovo on this and check for updates.

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Probably pure coincidence or perhaps windows updated a driver it thought was better for your laptop and broke it. I stay away from option Windows updates for hardware drivers, sometimes they play great others times they break features of the device altogether.

Lenovo has made it REALLY easy to keep your BIOS and Drivers up to date.


Install the Lenovo System Update application and run it. It’ll scan the system locally and update anything that needs updating.


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thanx much for the links.

I may make it up to Portland/Vancouver yet this year, poodlelover. Almost went this past week-end, I had a choice between there and Sacramento, I chose to head south. 10 soccer games over two days…but I expect I’ll be able to walk again in a few days.

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I may make it up to Portland/Vancouver yet this year, poodlelover.

Well, I think you still know how to reach me. Gimme a 2-3 day heads up please. I gotta plan these things anymore...

You also mentioned Spokane... is that still possibly in the cards?