Low dose CT Scan

Lots of folks here post information regarding our health and general information about staying healthy.

I’d like to make sure folks here are aware of the current guidelines for lung cancer screening for smokers who are over 50, have smoked or are a current smoker. Click on the link to take the quiz to see if you’re eligible for FREE screening.

I am just about to turn 65 and a former cigarette smoker, having smoked for at least 40-pack years. I QUIT about 11 years ago. I went for my second annual CT scan today. I was literally in and out of the front door of our local hospital in 15 minutes. The test is quick, painless and you don’t even have to take off your shirt and put on a “johnny” :wink:


Why should you get a lung cancer screening test?

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in America, but now there’s hope. Screening is used to detect lung cancer early, when it is more likely to be curable. If lung cancer is caught before it spreads, the likelihood of surviving 5 years or more improves to 59 percent.* While you should be taking precautions against COVID-19, given the critical importance of screening for lung cancer, you should not delay this conversation with your doctor. So talk to your doctor and decide whether to set up a visit or explore remote telehealth options to discuss next steps about screening. Many screening centers are taking precautions to protect patient safety during this challenging time and access to screening may be limited or delayed.

I hope those that are eligible take the test. It can be a life saver!