LSPD. Investigation over Possible Securities Law

I'm new to the board and my recent post was deleted as off topic. I have checked the rules and hope this one is not an off topic. Anyway, I apologize if this post will be seen as not helpful.

"Evidence shows that Lightspeed massively inflated its business pre-IPO, overstating its customer count by 85% and gross transaction volume ('GTV') by 10% – a payment volume metric that a former employee described as 'smoke and mirrors.'

"Evidence of declining organic growth and business deterioration through Lightspeed's IPO, despite management's claims that Average Revenue Per User ("ARPU") is increasing."

Basically, a law firm accuse LSPD in false reporting. How do you treat such news?

Some metrics:

             (Y,%) Mar,21  Mar,20  Mar,19  Mar,18
Sales Growth        84       56      37      34
Gross Margin        40       53      63      61
Net Margin         -56      -44    -237    -169

             (Q,%) 21Q2     21Q1    20Q4    20Q3
Sales Growth       220      127      79      62
Gross Margin        33       34      41      48
Net Margin         -43      -51     -74     -43
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There are a number of post over the last couple of weeks discussing LSPD and this short attack. I would suggest you go back and read those. It is very common for these, I think, unscrupulous law firms to latch on to a short report that makes accusations against a company and then begin to solicit stock holders to join in a class action suit. The goal is to get the company to settle rather than fight. The law firms gets a few million, the shareholders get a check for 25 cents. (and yes years ago I used to join these things, before I got wise. I have received checks for 25 or 30 cents as my share of the settlement). It’s a racket, again just my opinion, but do go back and read post on LSPD from about three weeks ago now.