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This is my first post with information I hope brings some value. 

I have been watching Lightspeed POS Inc. LSPD (NYSE). 
Their Canadian IPO was March 2019 on the TSX, and is up a triple since then. 
LSPD is up 50% since their NSYE IPO on Sept 11, 2020. 

What they do => Lightspeed POS Inc. provides commerce enabling Software 
as a Service (SaaS) platform for small and midsize businesses, retailers, 
restaurants, and golf course operators. Its SaaS platform enables customers 
to engage with consumers, manage operations, accept payments, etc. 
The company's solutions cover front-end customer experience that include 
point of sale, omni-channel engagement, home delivery, and order and 
loyalty management… 

Will they be the next SHOP or SQ? 

80,000 customers in 100 countries(up 40% yoy). In the process of acquiring 
ShopKeep Inc. by Dec 31, and combined will have 100,000 customers with GTV of $33B. 

Their fiscal YE is March 31st, so their latest quarterly report is Q2 2021.
Fiscal	Calendar Rev(x1000)     YoY	Seq	GM	Cash(x1000)	Shares
	Q1 18					         24,651 	 29,366,937 
	Q2 18	 17,471 					         29,390,842 
	Q3 18	 18,598 		6%			
	Q4 18	 20,097 		8%			         30,139,251 
	Q1 19	 21,285 				 207,703 	 83,752,210 
Q1 20	Q2 19	 24,065         38%			 191,440 	 84,275,039 
Q2 20	Q3 19	 28,026 	51%	16%		 171,841 	 83,321,446 
Q3 20	Q4 19	 32,275 	61%	15%		 126,662 	 85,984,613 
Q4 20	Q1 20	 36,271 	70%	12%		 210,969 	 92,206,817 
Q1 21	Q2 20	 36,229 	51%	0%		 203,521 	 92,970,399 
Q2 21	Q3 20	 45,493 	62%	26%	60%	 513,135 	 104,471,401 

Q2 2021 investor presentation.

Other than the Q2 Covid blip I like what I see; growing at 50-60% YoY, 12%-15% sequentially, 
at 60% GM, with ½ billion in cash. 

Is this a company you are willing to weigh in on?

Thank you

LSPD closed up 6.2% today, up 23% in the past 5 trading days.


I’ve been meaning to do adequate research to put a post on this company for a while. I am in Canada, so this was one of the few SaaS type stocks that I was able to get without having to also deal with exchange rates (SHOP being another). It’s been a nice 250% gainer over the past year, not as great as some but still very respectable.

In any case, I think they will be a good place post covid place as restaurants return to normal meaning more transactions through their PoS, and people do more in person shopping.

Thanks for sharing. It is definitely an interesting company and shows the size of the market.

  • Any idea of how it compares to Square Retail? Or Square POS?
  • I looked through their site and could not find any information on Churn or NRR. Do you have any sense?
  • For a young company, it’s good and bad that they are so acquisitive?