LVGO / TDOC Merger article…

From seeking alpha. Good overview.

I am new to TDOC and I did not realize how much international reach they already have. As the article says, that will be a big catalyst for LVGO who has no international business yet.

Personaly, I am hoping that LVGO stays below $130 for 2 weeks…


Of 169 Glassdoor reviews of Teladoc, 83% approve of its CEO and 50% would recommend to a friend.

As an investor I want to see a higher confidence level in management and working conditions than that. 84 of 169 reviews is not just a few disgruntled employees venting.

Livongo has 73 reviews. 100% approve of the CEO and 92% would recommend to a friend. Those are great numbers. They rival those of this board’s top growth stocks.

Are Livongo’s numbers sustainable under the new regime? Who knows? They are the junior partner now. To me it is more likely that the senior partner’s management style will prevail.

I am influenced by having worked for many years in a large organization where staff enthusiasm slowly drained away due to poor management. We liked our top boss, but it became clear over time that he was not keeping tabs on what the layers below him were doing.

I believe in the future of this health-care market, but to me this is another indicator that, as many others have said on this board, this is no longer the Livongo that I bought. I exited 75% of my LVGO position on the merger news, and will be selling the remainder to augment my other SaaS positions.


Great Seekinglpha article and an even better book recommendation, Unscaled: how AI and a new generation of upstarts are creating the economy of the future by Hemant Taneja with Kevin Maney. Only $3.99 Kindle edition.

When I go shopping for bananas it takes six clicks to pay with my credit card after taking it out of my wallet and then putting it way. I got Unscaled delivered by

1.- Click the Unscaled link in the article
2.- Click the Amazon/Unscaled in the Google search
3.- Click “Denny’s Mac Kindle” on Amazon
4.- Click “One click pay” on Amazon

I didn’t have to get out of bed, shower, get dressed, go to the store… well you get the message, just four clicks and by now I have read 10% of the book.

Healthcare in America as been a political football at least since WWII, eight decades of good intentions paving the way to healthcare hell. I believe like Hemant Taneja that it is initiatives like the Teladoc/Livongo combination that can disrupt the current state of the Healthcare Industrial Complex in part based on my experience reversing type 2 diabetes and saving a lot of money in addition to getting my health back.

I’m not worrying about the short term drop in price, this has all the ingredients of disruptive innovation, lower cost, better outcomes, serving an underserved markets – both doctors and patients instead of the Healthcare Industrial Complex.

Denny Schlesinger
long both TDOC and LVGO

BTW: When I go to buy bananas, instead of going to the closest store I go to a supermarket that justifies a one or two hour walk, one way to keep obesity and type 2 diabetes in check. :wink: