It’s probably off topic and apropos of of nothing but can anyone tell me why LVGO is so volatile intraday, it goes down 2% and back swings up 1% or 2% sometimes twice in a day. And does this volatility suggest LVGO is more vulnerable to market downturns? Thank-you Saul and everyone on this board (Great Day)

I have no idea why LVGO maybe a little more volatile that some of our other stocks, or even if LVGO really is more volatile. What i will say is that i am updating my LVGO spreadsheet and was impressed with their 114% revenue growth. Yea its slowing but i don’t think more than normal. Then i read the conference call and it was very positive. Here’s a snippet.

While it’s challenging for many, our business model and the steps we have taken have positioned us to help those in need. In particular, we believe remote monitoring is rapidly becoming the new standard in health and care. Livongo’s connected technology allows our members to track vital signs of interest in maintaining health. We expect that the ability for both personalized care, as well as broad population surveillance will become critical going forward as an early warning and monitoring system for the healthcare system at large and a way to efficiently deliver care to those who need it most exactly when and where they need it.

There is no question in our mind that this pandemic has accelerated a more extensive virtual care delivery model. Remote monitoring is here to stay, and we expect it to become the standard of care for the most vulnerable and expensive populations. We’ve also been receiving feedback from highly respected and innovative HR and benefits professionals who believe that Livongo is key to keeping their people healthy, while also saving money. And Livongo is unique in that we have detailed studies to prove that Livongo improves care, saves money, and provides a great member experience.

For the last hour i have been thinking about which of our companies Covid19 put more wind into the sails of. ZM is a no brainer. Starting to think LVGO is nipping at their heels. I have decided to add to my position.

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Pretty much all growth stocks move up and down 1-2% multiple times a day. Especially the smaller ones. It’s basically noise from traders, funds buying and selling, etc.

I don’t see that much more volatility in LVGO than in other growth stocks in general.



Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words: