Apologies if this is OT, please delete if it is. For those holding LVGO or TDOC what are your thoughts as we go to earnings this week. I would have expected them to pre release if the numbers were good but with no pre release I am leaning towards more inline numbers or even a miss. Though guidance may have more bearing than actual results wanting to get a pulse of what others who are still holding are thinking.

I have been through a few mergers and they are always disruptive to most of the functions from Sales to Tech to finance in both organizations with many rumors about how final org structure will also play out internally. Not sure if that will result in some slippage both in current quarter results as well as near term future guidance

Currently just due to the lack of pre announcement and the possible disruption due to their merger activities am leaning towards a more bearish short term bias while the long term story is still intact. Wondering if anyone has similar thoughts and looking to buy / sell some protection in the form of calls.



I guess for me, I own both and am quite bullish on the overall long term story so I dont really care too much about quarterly earnings unless something major happens to their long term story.

This season I have now had 2 stocks who came out with early earnings and has been detrimental to their stock price in the short term and dont understand the need to do that when only 2 weeks out until announced as is.

Overall I’m not taking any hedges currently and waiting to see what happens as the vote for the merger is supposed to take place/close on Oct 29th. In which if passed, will give investors certainty and believe then their stock will start going up. Since they announced last quarter, they have been pretty stagnant and linked in which neither have really taken off.

I beleive this next quarter will have slowed down some compared to Q1/Q2 although will forecast Q4 increasing due to where Covid is going at least in the US. Overall will have to see what happens but just letting things roll until we hear more.




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