Macro tid-bits

Was on the road much of last week, and had not been keeping close track of one of my stock holdings - Genco Shipping (GNK). The company reported Q2 2022 results the first week of August 2022.

Genco (GNK) is a dry bulk shipping company owning a fleet of 44 vessels split between Capesize, Supramax and Ultramax vessels. Three items of note

  1. Company had higher operating costs in Q2 2022 while switching from (mostly) Chinese crews to Indian/Filipino crews
  2. Have a nice Slide (#21 in the deck) that covers the steps that China (from Q4 2021 thru July 2022) have taken to boost their economy…

Note: The three July 2022 events finally involve “dollars” :slight_smile: … But, when does the actual money flowing events really happen?

  1. Another nice slide (#22) that touches on grain and coal developments

Thanks Hohum