Macroeconomics of a new recliner chair

DH’s recliner was over 20 years old and long overdue for replacement. I ordered a custom recliner from the local furniture store on 3/2/2022. It arrived 3 days ago (9/25/22) although the tag said that it was manufactured on 8/25/22.

The owner of the furniture store warned me in March that the lead time would be at least 6 months. DH is very tall and I wanted to buy the custom recliner he liked so I decided to place the order, pay a deposit and wait. I paid the balance when the chair was delivered. The total was $850 – an amount that many families would have used their Covid stimulus checks to buy.

Multiplied by many hundreds of thousands of orders, the Macroeconomic impact of manufacturing and supply chain delays is to spread out the spending of the stimulus checks over many months, increasing inflation. This is one reason that inflation is not transitory and probably will continue for a while.