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  1. Agency supply path optimization deals are going deeper.

  2. Magnite revenue will mostly come from CTV. Once the SpotX deal closes, Magnite’s revenue will be 65% CTV, transforming it into a video-first SSP. In its Q4, Magnite reported $15.3 million in CTV revenue.

  3. Software products with different pricing models are growing. Magnite is beta testing a product that enables programmatic and reserved CTV inventory to compete with each other, dubbed Unified Decisioning, that will operate with a different pricing model. Demand Manager, which operates with a SaaS-like model, will double revenue in 2021, to a projected $8 million from $4 million in 2020.

  4. Disney is staying on for another 18 months. Hulu had been one of Telaria’s marquee clients. Magnite renewed the deal for another 18 months, with an expanded remit. If an advertiser buys cross-platform with Disney, like on Hulu and ESPN, Magnite’s tech will make that cross-platform deal happen. “We’ve built some great software for them,” Barrett said.

  5. Three identity solutions will dominate after IDFA and third-party cookies go away. Without third-party cookies or the IDFA, marketers will turn to publisher first-party data. And Magnite expects that it will be able to aggregate those segments from publishers and package them together, allowing marketers to buy publisher first-party data at scale. The other two solutions that will survive are open-source identifiers based on logged-in users, like those offered by The Trade Desk and LiveRamp, and the Privacy Sandbox, Barrett said.

  6. No more take rate or ad spend details due to the complexity of the business and also to maintain a competitive advantage

  7. Magnite is done making big mergers and acquisitions. Further acquisitions will be “rounding out the edges” vs. “swinging for the fences,” Barrett told investors.

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Magnite: A Second Chance At Investing In A High Growth Industry by Star Investments - 1-17-21

-Magnite is the world’s largest independent supply-side advertising platform which has been created from the merger between the Rubicon Project and Telaria.

-The Connected TV (CTV) platform is the portion of Magnite that is expected to lead the future growth of the company and the pandemic has significantly accelerated Connected TV.

-Magnite is a bet that over time the largest most sophisticated media publishers in the world will aggregate their ad inventory on to one supply-side advertising platform.

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