Making Progress

Rather than adding posts complaining about the off-topic posts, why don’t the board admins delete posts and ban serial offenders?

Well, if you look back at the last three pages of posts, you’ll see 23 numbers missing, where posts were deleted. That’s extraordinary. It’s usually rare to see one per page.

Yes, our board has rules, and JasonRen won’t be seen here any more as he has been officially told that if he returns here to disrupt he’ll be banned from the entire MF. The same will happen to others if they continue to ignore the Rules of the Board.




Thank you very much for overseeing this board and keeping it true to board goals.

This thank you email is long overdue. I have been following your board, and your posts particularly, for several years. I very much enjoy your independent perspectives and efforts to educate others to learn how to invest on their own. I have invested in quite a few of the companies you cover, with great success.

I just retired this year from a 42 year career in private law practice. Investing has been an interest for a long time. I believe we have a good basis for our retirement savings and much of the credit for my investment choices should go to your leadership and to the board community you nurtured and developed.

With more time in my retirement, I hope to contribute to the community with an idea or some analysis that might be useful.

Thanks again for everything you have done and continue to do for our community.

Warm regards,