Mark Cuban New Prescription Drug Venture…
It’s quite a country when Mark Cuban, not Congress, will give Americans cheaper prescription drugs
The billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner launched an online pharmacy this week in order to combat the price gouging of prescription drugs by large pharmaceutical companies.
The Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Co. (MCCPDC) will offer more than 100 generic drugs that will be purchased directly from the manufacturers and sold online with a 15 percent markup across the board and a small pharmacist fee. For context, pharmaceutical companies generally mark prices up at least 100 percent and up to 1000 percent in some cases.

His website. So check you drug cost & return to this thread to report savings or higher costs. Thank you.

The fly in the ointment is that he deals only in generic drugs. So the cost savings may not be much. I know WalMart has a $4/30 day supply for some generic drugs.


And, in the present environment, Cuban will probably be denigrated as “woke” and his business interests boycotted, for trying to get a better deal for working people, because the mob has been trained to start foaming at the mouth at the utterance of “woke”, without thinking.


Thank you for sharing this.
The discount drug sites are all different so it’s worth checking the price of any generic drug at all of them.
Amazonprime Rx

Often, these are cheaper than the cost of drugs covered by insurance.



The fly in the ointment is that he [Mark Cuban] deals only in generic drugs.

Not really. The most outrageous insurance company price gouging is in generic drugs.

My doctor prescribe a single tablet of a generic drug that’s prescribed to tens of millions of Americans annually. At least a half dozen manufacturers make it. The wholesale price of a tablet is less than 10 cents.

My Aetna Medicare Part D drug plan wanted me to pay $17.62 for the pill.

I told my doctor’s office to send the prescription to the pharmacy near me with the lowest Goodrx price.

When I got to the pharmacy counter, the price for someone without insurance for the single pill was $11.20.

I had a Goodrx couple for $4.98.

People are getting raped and screwed in almost every contact they have with the US health care system.



I just check the price for my $4.98 Goodrx tablet on Mark Cuban’s site.

Mark Cuban wanted $13.72 for the single 150mg tablet (plus $5 shipping). But he’d sell you a bottle of 30 50mg tablets for $12.60.



Also check Amazon Pharmacy. Brand name and generics. Can buy with insurance or without–your choice. Prices can be quite good.

…Cuban will probably be denigrated as “woke” and his business interests boycotted…

Good for Cuban for at minimum trying to help solve a problem.

As far as boycotting his business interests, I only know of his ownership of the NBA Dallas Mavericks. The NBA lost my interest years ago so hard to boycott something you have little to no interest. But I do find the occasional human interest story.…