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The problem with estimating TAM for Mongo is that document databases are really a new capability, not a new way to accomplish an old requirement. Thus, its ultimate TAM is going to be new applications and use cases, not a slice of pre-existing applications and use cases.


jwiest, exactly!

I agree with tamhas that the majority of these use cases will be new applications. It’ll be a difficult and often-times not financially sound move to re-engineer already-existing application to utilize NoSQL.

As far as TAM, gosh, that’d be a shot in the dark really. The good news is that in my opinion, MongoDB is a good investment because its more of a pure database play in the cloud game. As posted earlier, it doesn’t need to be top dog overall in databases, probably doesn’t even need to be top 5 or 7 in order to become a highly profitable investment.

The developer fanatacism is the part that might drive it the furthest. I think its mostly front-end devs who love this tool. Fanaticism really drove Apple and Starbucks to great heights. Not saying MDB will be the same but… Lets just say if the SQL vendors figure out the horizontal scale issue, I’ll be interested to see how this story unfolds.

As an aside, for non-techies out there. Moving the data from MDB to a better analytical reporting location is common for SQL and other DBs as well (to get them into a better analytical structure). In my opinion, with everything cloud nowadays, this will get more common because it’ll be easier. And for those of you who are also AYX shareholders, this moving of data from one place to another is where ETL tools are utilized the most. So if my thesis here holds true, we’ll see growing use of ETL tools (including AYX) as we… See, it all fits, haha.


“According to the Cloud Database – Global Market Outlook (2017-2026) report, the global cloud database market accounted for $6.12 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $495.26 billion by 2026.”

If half is SQL and Mongo gets 65% of NoSQL, 32.5%

Denny Schlesinger

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The article was not from 2017? The article was from May 29th of 2019…
So all the topics would be relevant to today’s position and technology.

Thanks for all the great information though, I learned a lot about the difference between the database types that I did not know previously

So, in the title block, where it says Eran Levy November 22, 2017 … what is that?

Note in particular that they said Mongo lacks ACID, which was true then and not now.