Meanwhile across the pond ...

(We tried cameras here in my town years ago. Took’em down later claiming they weren’t doing the job. Methinks they were doing the job too well and too many influential people were getting too many tickets in their mailboxes. :wink:

‘Cash cow’ UK speed camera catches out 1,100 drivers in first 24 hours

A single speed camera which caught 1,100 drivers in 24 hours on the first day it was introduced has been branded a ‘cash cow’ by critics of the new traffic calming measure.

The drivers were caught out during an eight-week test period prior to activation, during which time over 23,500 motorists broke the 20mph speed limit on the Plymouth road.

The startling figure prompted a warning from both the police and council ahead of the camera on Old Laira Road becoming fully operational.

Supt Leisk added: “Speed is a big contributory factor in serious collisions. Travelling too fast both reduces the time in which a driver can react and increases the risk of serious or fatal injuries in the event of a collision."…

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One of the best and quickest ways for a municipality to collect money is to use these cameras. If you position them properly, for example just at the spot where the speed limit changes from 30 mi/hr to 20 mi/hr and/or a speed limit that is unexpectedly low for a given road (perhaps this one is like that), you will collect TONS of money.