Medicare Advantage a scam

Nice to see more people doing the arithmetic.


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Interesting. However, some Advantage plans require you to pay the Part B premium (mine does). So you are covered by Parts A, B, and C.

Here’s a write up on the Medicare Advantage Part B Premium “give back” program. Some plans pay the whole Part B premium of $170.10/month for 2022. Other as little as 10 cents per month of the premium. Also it’s not guaranteed, so the insurer could discontinue the giveback in the second year of your Medicare enrollment when it’s too late to return to traditional Medicare without going through medical underwriting to get a Medigap policy.

Lot’s of ways for the insurer to $$mislead$$ you. ($$Note that the five letter word beginning with “s” that describes a common piece of hardware is now apparently banned.) [LOL]

What Are Medicare Part B Give Back Plans and Who Is Eligible?


As long as you had creditable coverage, you are safe. If the company suddenly changes a major feature of their coverage–and their coverage is no longer creditable–you are allowed to change policies as a result, even in the middle of a year.