Medicare Part D out-of-pocket cap drops to $3,300 in 2024

{{ Changes brought about by the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act mean that people on Part D plans now pay no more than roughly $3,300 on drugs annually—a number that could shift a bit based on whether they take brand or generic medications. In 2025, that cap will change again to a flat $2,000.

“It will let me take a deep breath,” said Judy Aiken, a 69-year-old retired nurse in Portland, Maine, who last year paid more than $9,000 out of pocket for a drug to treat her psoriatic arthritis,


’s Enbrel. “Frankly, I was delighted.”

Aiken, who relies on Social Security and a pension, said the roughly $6,000 she is likely to save on Enbrel this year will help her pay off bills, turn less to credit cards and maybe even order a pizza from a restaurant instead of making one at home. }}

Of course, those under age 65 are still under the “unlimited price gouging” prescription drug model.