Medicine Shortage Coming

Hey All

I have had word on good authority that in Australia some hospitals are running low on medicine and soon rationing will be implemented.

This story is a month away from hitting the headlines.

The reason is the Shanghai lock down.

It would be interesting if anyone in the US has such scuttlebutt

If one does a search on drug shortages Shanghai, there are all kinds of stories about drug shortages worldwide. This is because many drugs originate from or are processed through China/Shanghai. As Australia likely buys direct from China, that means a shortage in China will also be experienced in Australia. Nothing special or weird, just a typical supply chain SNAFU caused by China’s reaction to Covid.

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A lot of the precursor ingredients for drug manufacturing come from China. They are just as vulnerable to supply chain issues as anything else.

That’s why I keep a minimum 6 month inventory of the meds I take and will be increasing that to a one year inventory.