Megacities and Metals

I’m doing one of my Dunkin’ morning parking lot summits, where I reassure myself that things I’m selling, renting out, or investing in will have continued demand. Sort of a mini one man pep rally as I’m sort of a pessimist at heart. Anyhow the Donut isn’t red meat, and the coffee has no carbs so all is good)

Anyhow I thought some folks on this board would find this interesting. It’s a website on the internet, so everyone make their own decision if the info is good. In some ways, that I won’t go into here

Some of it really upsets me but alas, I guess as the great philosophers REO Speedwagon say, you gotta “Roll with the Changes” and financially and in business, I’ve always decided that certain trends are like elephants - charging thru a tiny boutique shop…and my job is to merely hold on to the elephant’s tail.…


“By 2035, Asian cities as a group will be richer than
European and North American cities combined.”

“As countries expand and people get richer, cars get more
numerous, electricity and public transport networks expand.
All this means more steel, more copper, more aluminum.”

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