mekong22 June 2020 portfolio update

June was another really good month!

After a roller coaster of a start to the year, I am finally right back at the all time high I reached in mid February before the downturn. My returns pale in comparison to several of you that are up 100%+ this year, congrats! But it’s hard to complain being up 40% in six months after I was up almost 60% last year. My $ dollar gains this year are now more than what they were last year, which feels pretty good.

End of Jan 	+15.5%
End of Feb	+ 7.0%
End of Mar      -20.0%
End of Apr       +0.6%
End of May      +27.0%
End of Jun      +40.0%

and here’s my allocation vs last month:

	5/31/2020    6/30/2020
AYX	  18.6%	       19.8%
AMZN	  18.8%	       19.2%
MDB	  19.0%	       15.3%
NTNX 	   9.1%	       11.3%
TTD	   9.0%	       11.3%
DDOG	   5.4%	        5.9%
DOCU	   5.2%	        3.6%
OKTA	   3.8%	        3.5%
KMI	   4.3%	        3.2%
CRWD	   2.7%	        3.1%
LVGO	   2.0%	        1.7%
ESTC	   1.6%	        1.6%
GH 	   0.6%	        0.5%

(btw I discovered a small typo in last month’s May percentages, LVGO showed 3.6% when it should have been 2.0%, the others were correct so it was showing more than 100% total, which I caught when preparing June’s breakdown)

I’ll keep it brief this month:

Of my biggest holdings, TTD, AYX, and AMZN all had pretty significant upward moves this month, as I didn’t buy any more of any of those in June but they all make up an even bigger portion of my portfolio now. When I was adding to my Trade Desk stake in May, last month, around $300/share, I never expected that a month later it would shoot up above $400 so soon. Despite that, I’m contemplating buying more now, as Facebook’s loss will probably by TTD’s gain.

I sold some MDB at the end of May (as I noted last month the price was getting a bit “frothy”), and then sold some more in early June, which proved to be really good timing. I also sold most of my remaining DOCU call options in June. The last DOCU call I haven’t sold just yet is up more than +850% since I bought them in June of last year! I also trimmed a little of my LVGO this month.

Most all of the proceeds from this month’s sales went into NTNX and NTNX call options. I know, I know, you all think I’m crazy, or dumb, or both, but I took my own advice from last month’s writeup, and still feel it has the potential to be my best performing stock over the next year:…

I also made one short term option bet playing ZM earnings last month which didn’t work out.

That’s about it. My favorite long term holdings, AYX, MDB, TTD, DDOG, I still expect to grow my portfolio for years to come. AMZN is still benefiting from, and capitalizing on, the stay-at-home situation, so still no need to sell any of those old, low cost, Amazon shares and realize lots of taxable gains, when I expect they will have a really strong second half of the year. I think it’s likely that the August earnings release is where the markets realize the true growth going on with NTNX that has been disguised by the revenue recognition rules and impact of their move to subscription revenue. And I’m happy holding small stakes in all of the other companies I own.

Everyone stay safe. I look forward to continued great discussions.



Hi Mekong,

Nice write up, here I have a question with TTD. I also like Jeff Green but I don’t know how they can do better while the whole AD’s Spending industry drop 20% This year. Especially TTD didn’t give us any guidance this coming quarter or whole year(if my memory correct). I have watched their video talking about how they can win more as COVID speed up programming ad. But according to their TTM they at least Got double digits market share in other market beside wall gardens. Which means they definitely got hit by COVID otherwise they don’t have to delist their guidance.

But TTD do reached ATH, that’s the cold blood truth which mean I was wrong about abandoned TTD which was my core position. I just want to know why? I know some stock like RH also reached ATH probably because of FED(sorry if OT).



Hi Rick

Yes, TTD was my biggest holding at the end of 2019 too, but I foolishly sold half of it when COVID hit as I was primarily concerned that ad spending would fall along with the economy.

I don’t pretend to understand the advertising industry with any expertise, but after listening to the last earnings call, it sounded to me like, even despite the overall advertising industry taking a hit this year, TTD seems to be positioned to do well in any environment. I suppose it makes sense that when ad budgets are slashed, the smaller amount of funds that are being spent are going to need to be more efficient and bring about more bang for the buck. Having bought two new smart TV’s when I moved this year, I am definitely starting to notice when advertising appears more likely to be programmatic rather than pre-sold, and I just think it’s going to be more and more for years to come.

So I was glad I bought back some of my shares in May, although wish I had been a little more aggressive. Either way, I’m glad it’s still among my top stocks, even if it doesn’t sit as high in the portfolio as it did at the beginning of the year. Sometimes I feel like when you believe in a trend and a company that could lead that macro trend in a gigantic industry for years to come, you just need to pay what the stock costs and let it play out. That’s similar to how I felt about Amazon years ago, and definitely how I feel about MDB too.

good luck!