Mercedes and EVs

Mercedes-Benz has announced a significant shift in its electric vehicle strategy, deciding to discontinue the development of its upcoming MB.EA Large architecture. This platform was initially slated for a 2028 launch and was intended to underpin the next-generation EQE and EQS sedans and SUVs…

By cancelling the project and avoiding necessary infrastructure changes at production sites, Mercedes-Benz expects to save between 4 and 6 billion euros…

The company has also recently adjusted its timeline for achieving a 50% EV (including plug-in hybrids) share of sales from 2025 to 2030. Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz has revised its target to become an EV-only brand by 2030, reflecting a more gradual transition.


A couple of other tidbits…

“Mercedes-Benz margins are said to have tanked by 9% in the first quarter - the lowest in more than 2 years.”

“During the Beijing Motor Show, Mercedes and BMW managers stated that 90% of both brand’s top-end models - S-Class and 7 Series, are ordered with combustion engines in China.”


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