MF: $AMZN Set to Soar

Decent look at $AMZN at this moment by Trevor Jennewine of Motley Fool

Outline below, the article is worth a read.

Motley Fool headline: 1 Stock-Split Stock Set to Soar 112% From Its 52-Week Low, According to Wall Street

By Trevor Jennewine - Sep 11, 2022 at 5:08AM…


:pushpin: Forward stock splits can be viewed as bullish signals, as they tend to occur after significant share price appreciation.

:pushpin: Amazon benefits from a strong market position in three high-growth industries.

:pushpin: Amazon stock currently trades at an inexpensive 2.6 times sales.

1. Sub-headline: Amazon is the most popular e-commerce marketplace

2. Sub-headline: Amazon is the innovation leader in cloud computing

3. Sub-headline: Amazon is gaining share in digital advertising

$AMZN daily chart (strong looking UP trendline with a bullish crossover still intact)

$AMZN weekly chart

$AMZN monthly chart


So what is PT going to do? Buying AMZN calls?

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Rob, I’m just re-booting my brain with coffee. Full day of football yesterday as the Gods of many believers intended.

Last week’s standouts:

Kansas City (are these guys scary good?)

Missed other games but will watch them on NFL highlights reels on Amazon, which condenses every game down to 10-15 minutes without any ads.

But as for $AMZN? Yeah, I’ll look at the calls today. Haven’t traded it since that last successful $AMZN call trade a couple of months ago. I like trading calls/puts on $AMZN as there are always some high-volume strikes with large O/I.