Microsoft, Google, Nucor in energy partnership

Tech giants Microsoft and Google are teaming with steel manufacturer Nucor to develop new clean electricity projects. These projects will include advanced nuclear, geothermal, hydrogen production and energy storage.

As a steel manufacturer, Nucor needs a large amount of power to run its facilities. Tech companies like Microsoft and Google also need a lot of power, as they expand their data center cloud operations. Therefore, these three companies have some common interests which make sense for a partnership.

From the link above…
In May last year, Nucor signed a memorandum of understanding with NuScale Power to explore the deployment of NuScale’s VOYGR small modular nuclear reactor (SMR) power plants at Nucor’s scrap-based Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) steel mills. In addition, NuScale is studying the feasibility of siting a manufacturing facility for NuScale Power Modules near a Nucor facility. In April 2022, Nucor - with operating facilities in the USA, Canada and Mexico - committed to a USD15 million private investment in public equity in NuScale Power.

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NuScale isn’t dead yet.

  • Pete