Microsoft loop vs Monday

Just wondering if anyone has had much of a look at microsofts new ‘loop’ platform that is due for release this year as compared to what Monday does? Looks reasonably similar to me. I believe this will be supplied free with office 365.…. Could this be a serious threat (e.g. teams vs slack) or is it targettng a different use case? And will businesses still decide to pay the extra when a free option is available with 365? I keep wondering why the price has gone down much more than other stocks and it doesn’t seem to rise much on a big up day…and could this be partly why?


This is interesting to me. I’m not sure if what I have to add is beneficial or not, but My initial thoughts— I had not heard of Loop (which my phone wanted to autocorrect as “poop”)— but my workspace uses Microsoft 365 and I use Teams every week— I actually find it incredibly user friendly for managing and sharing projects and documents and hosting Team meetings (which I did this morning).

Of course Teams does not even try to offer the kind of work share and customization that Monday does. Perhaps Loop does— the advertisement certainly makes it look user friendly.

One thing I particularly like about Teams is having all of my Microsoft related data— including Team contacts info— already connected to the software— it makes it has a user-friendly interface.

On the 1st of January MNDY was my largest holding— driven by their incredible metrics in growth, GM, cust acquisitions, and DBNRR. Ultimately, for several reasons, I was uneasy about MNDY as my largest holding— in part due to the competition and potential competition in the space. I decided to try the product out. I signed up for the free trial period and built several pages to try the software out. It was — as advertised, easy to use and the tutorials were particularly useful. In the end though, I was underwhelmed with the overall product. It wasn’t bad, just didn’t wow me. I sold my position and reallocated to high conviction sectors and companies for me.

I realize I may be missing out by not simply following the numbers, but ultimately this is my “sleep number” for my positions—

I’m not sure if Microsoft will be able to build a product as good as MNDY has, but they also may not need to— if they can convince their customers to use theirs.

Nothing is free though. I hear people say this a lot in regards to Microsoft— whether it is Team’s video service, email, RPA, or collaborative work share Microsoft 365 is a subscription service— whether for an individual or enterprise customer— and the offerings are much the same as any company, there’s quite a bit to be made by up-selling that service.

An interesting one to keep an eye on— Maybe they’ll have a super bowl ad………


Keep in mind that if you purchase MS Office 365 you get all the desktop apps included (WORD, EXCEL, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc). When I last checked in 2019 at my retirement, you also get TEAMs for free with O365. TEAMs is not the best but it is good enough for most companies. So if MS LOOP is a Monday competitor, we will have to see what MS will charge in an Office bundle. But I bet it will not be good for Monday no matter how much better Monday is. Do we have a release date for Loop?



My thoughts…

Microsoft 365 has come a long way and with Microsoft Loop there’s no doubt it plans to take Microsoft 365 to the next level of collaboration and productivity.

In 2020, Microsoft had open sourced it’s Fluid framework ( which is a Library for building distributed, real-time collaborative web applications). Fluid was designed to deliver collaborative experiences with blazing performance by keeping the server logic simple and lightweight. This helped almost instant syncing across clients with very low server costs.

So, Microsoft Loop is basically a rebranding of some of its Fluid Framework artifacts. And also a new standalone Loop app for project management and collaboration in 2022.

With the success of Microsoft Teams during the pandemic which tied together data from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook to be as helpful as possible this is definitely the next step to enhance that collaboration aided by cloud-powered AI across web, desktop, and mobile.

Microsoft Loop consists of three elements: Loop components, Loop pages, and Loop workspace.

Loop components are the renamed and updated Fluid components like tables, notes, tasks etc; the platform is extensible and beyond these components third-party application developers will also be able to build Loop components. We should hear more about those in the next Microsoft developer conference ( Microsoft Build).

This is from Microsoft’s blog.

“Loop components: An evolution of Fluid components—are atomic units of productivity that help you collaborate and get your work done in the flow of your work—in a chat, email, meeting, document, or Loop page. Loop components can be as simple as lists, tables, notes, tasks, or as sophisticated as a customer sales opportunity from Microsoft Dynamics 365, and because components stay in sync, no matter how many places they live in, you and your team always work with the latest information.“

Loop is supported as a standalone app/canvas and can also be embedded inside other apps. So these components will be part of Microsoft apps like Outlook, Teams, OneNote, and/or Whiteboard.

I believe the app is rolling out to commercial customers of Microsoft 365 and I don’t think there’s any information available about the licensing and pricing at this moment.

Now coming to Monday, I personally “DON’T THINK” that Microsoft Loop will be a Monday killer.

Monday already has couple of good integrations with Microsoft Teams.

* Microsoft Team App

“The Microsoft Teams App allows you to add any boards directly into your Microsoft teams channels. With this App, you will also be able to customize which notifications from your monday boards you’d like to receive. These notifications will be sent only to you through the monday chatbot.”

* Microsoft Teams integration

"The Microsoft Teams Integration allows you to trigger specific actions when a condition is met. Unlike the Microsoft Teams App, with the Microsoft Integration any notification from a trigger will be sent to the whole channel. "

So, with the productivity and performance benefits that Microsoft Loop brings, I’m quite sure that Monday will leverage and use that to further enhance their platform by building extensions and the integration with Microsoft.

The most important advantage that Monday has is that it’s vendor agnostic. For example Monday not only integrates with Microsoft Teams, Outlook but integrates seamlessly with a host of other vendors like Salesforce, Slack, Dropbox, Zoom, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Gmail, LinkedIn, Zapier, Adobe Creative Cloud and the list goes on. On the other-hand, for Microsoft it could be a catch-22 situation to try and integrate with some of those.

And with the industry heading towards Increasing Automation and Decreasing Repetitive tasks, Monday provides a solution that is addressing both of those trends. Consumers are best served when they don’t have to worry about where their workloads are running; they could be runing on any cloud or on-premise. The best of the breed companies that are solving that use case are poised to have hypergrowth for the foreseeable future. They are playing a very crucial role in this digital revolution. Some names that come to mind are Datadog, ZScaler, Snowflake, Crowdstrike, Cloudflare and also Monday.

Note that Salesforce Ventures and Zoom made early investments in Monday and a Keybanc study found that 67% of CIOs say collaboration is their #1 budget priority. And some 95% percent of IT and engineering leaders say their organizations are prioritizing workflow automation

I don’t see any reason to get worried about Monday and hold a 6% position.

Just my 2 cents!


ronjonb ( @ronjonbsaas on twitter)


Thanks Ronjonb for the technical perspective. That is a great summary. Interestng MSFT’s ER comment also: “Monthly usage of third-party applications and custom-built solutions has grown ten times in the last two years, with new and updated apps this quarter from Atlassian,, SAP, and Workday.” “As hybrid work becomes the norm, every organization will need to rethink their approach to space.” Interesting there was no comment on Asana.

Given MSFT’s and Atlassians strong ER’s and emphasis on the accelerated collaboration usage plus anecdotal evidence of very strong Monday deployments from people on this board, I really think Monday could blow the doors off and based on market reactions thus far and the depressed share price, I think theres a really good chance that Monday’s share price could explode as per Bill. Here’s hoping…


One piece I’d like to add is Microsoft’s history with developing new products. They usually are able to create a very good product, but it usually takes a few iterations. A decade or so ago, that might be 3-5 years before that product (or additional major feature) is usable. Teams was the same way, Microsoft had tried a lot of different ways to collaboration (I even lump Sharepoint into this as that product… the more I used it the more I hated it). Even when they rolled out Teams, which is built on Sharepoint (IMO, a much better UI than what Sharepoint was, in addition to communication capabilities), it was not very good. One reason a lot of companies went the Zoom route.

Anyway, even if Loop is intended to compete with Monday, I expect it’ll be a few years before Microsoft gets it right.