MIsc charts of interest

Let me know if this is annoying, but I plan to post some snippets of strong stocks providing buying opportunities.

First one DDOG, broke above 50dma on above average volume today. That could have been bought at the time and is probably ok now. Good start on the right side of a base…

ALAB is a highly speculative stock dealing with connectivity to support AI stuff. It is a very new IPO with volatility but it might be forming a short IPO base. It just moved slightly above recent resistance today…

That green line is me taking a tiny “Tracking” position.

Semiconductors did very well today and AVGO has very strong fundamentals and a strong chart. Jump up off the 21dma on strong volume. Has as strong RS and is forming a base. Had very good support at the 21dma recently.

NVDA lead the semi’s charge today with a nice bounce above the 21dma. It is forming a base and added a small amount to my existing position I got in break out about 75% ago (not counting my long term holding from a breakout in March 2016).

Also see the AXON thread.

Cava is a fast growing Mediterranean restaurant chain. Can it become the next CMG? Doubtful, but a lot of past big winners have been restaurants.

If I had bought this on the breakout a while back, I would add (10%) on a bounce off the 50dma and then I might have added 5% more as it blasted through the 21dma. But since I don’t I will wait for it to form a proper base.


As a JAFO,

ALAB had a buy signal on the 4/11/2023,would have nade some money , but had a sell signal the folowing day.

Normally on IPO stocks, it is best to wait 13 weeks and one day before making an invormed decision.

DDOG had a buy signal on 3/12/2024. up 6.07 percent and we would wait for the next sell signal at the finish line.

We buy stocks Out Of The Gate and sell at the Finish line using horse racing analogy. Very simplistic and less chatter. Charts don’t lie, people do.

AVGO we wuld have had a buy signal on 2/22/24 per the rules and sold on 3/5/24, bought on 3/20/24 and sold on 4/5/2024. and we would then waitng for the next buy signal.

CAVA - had a buy signal on 2/22/24 and the sold on 4/2/24 with a nice 33.47% profit. Then we would saw a buy signal on 4/11/2024.

Is the chart information coming from IBD.

Quill -

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