Mistake by TMF Censors?

Hello, on “free for all economics” there was a thread about immigration - or what some labeled the latest “caravan” and a discussion ensued about cost to taxpayer - I merely wrote a PRO immigration post - here it is in entirety:

"Hopefully, 1,000,000 high skilled H1B visas are also issued each year.

We in America treasure innovation, education, science and diversity and it won’t cost the American taxpayer a thing. It’ll actually bring tax revenue into the treasury."

Certainly good people can disagree - but - on a board supposedly about economics (though 80% of recent posts are politics) - on a thread about immigration - what was wrong with a PRO immigration post, advocating FOR immigration - and possibly innovation, science, and tax revenue?

Is it ok on TMF to advocate FOR one set of immigrants but AGAINST TMF rules to advocate for another set of immigrants?

People made a case as to why undocumented workers don’t cost the taxpayer money on that thread- and they have every to make that case. I merely made a similar case.

On an ALT-right site I’d certainly expect nativists to delete my post - - but why here?

Or - was this merely oversight?


That entire thread was deleted due to partisan politics in most of the posts. Once the initial post was removed, the rest of the posts made little sense in context and again, most were partisan in nature.

You are welcome to start a thread discussing the economic impacts of immigration but any posts within that thread that devolve into incivility or include partisan politics will be deleted.

For reference, here is a link to the No Politics policy (updated to include my name, basically, that’s why it has yesterday’s date):


Jen Roberts
Boards Manager

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Do CMF Board Managers delete posts they deem to not follow the Fools Rules?


Hi LM,

Just to clarify, it’s not CMF Board Managers…that’s my title and it includes more than just reviewing reported posts but back to your question…

There are a few people who review posts that are reported and delete them as needed. But it’s not unusual to scan the thread of a reported post and remove any that violate, even if that one wasn’t reported. Especially when it comes to a politics violation - it’s fairly rare to have one politics post violation without subsequent ones and so an entire thread can be cleaned up based on one FA. Sometimes we’ll see where the original post was quoted and have to remove the quoting post as well or sometimes it’s just a completely new comment that also violates the policies.

Jen Roberts
Boards Manager


Jen, Thank you for your reply and explanation.

It’s a stand-up classy thing that you gave an explanation and I thank you.

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