Monday Morning Rules of the Board

Monday Morning Rules of the Board. I am posting this version of The Rules on alternate weeks to make it more interesting… imyoung created it, and I really like its light format.

What We DO on Saul’s Board

Bear (PaulWBryant), Matt (XMF BreakerForce), Benjamin (Locke), and imyoung, Cedric (CompoundingCed), will each assist Saul in running this board. And a new Assistant Manager, Chris (mess7777), will join us to help out. Please make their job easier by obeying our basic rules:

We are grateful the Motley Fool hosts this board and we will do nothing to jeopardize this by posting information from the paid services.

We DO discuss and analyze individual high-growth companies. (Usually that currently means 40% revenue growth or more, although there are a few rare exceptions of companies we grandfathered in because many of us had been invested in the company for a long time before revenue gradually tapered off).

We DO discuss our philosophy why we invest in them.

We DO bring new companies to this board, elaborating what the company does, citing pertinent financial information, such as revenue growth, margins, total addressable market, competition, etc.

We DO discuss our month-end portfolios, and especially why we chose our stocks and why we made changes. (Just a list of stocks and positions with no discussion doesn’t hack it).

We DO ask ourselves if our post adds anything of value to the discussion. One-liners usually don’t add anything worthwhile.

We DO check if someone has already started a thread (on just released earnings, for instance), before starting a new thread.

We DO disagree with posters in a courteous manner.

We DO use “E-Mail This Reply to the Author” (hit “Reply” button, then unclick Post this Reply to the Board, click E-Mail This Reply to Author) for brief thank-yous or off-topic commentary or questions.

We DO study “Saul’s Knowledgebase”, “How I Pick a Company to Invest In,” and “Why My Investing Criteria Have Changed,” and “Why It Really is Different” found to the right when in individual post-mode (it is not visible in thread-mode).


No blabbing investment information from paid TMF or other paid services.

No cluttering up the board with one-line, meaningless posts

No basic investment questions

No portfolio management discussions. We put them on the Portfolio Management Board,

No technical analysis

No option trading or other discussions of using extreme leverage, such as margins

No value or turn-around investing

No income investing

No bond investing

No market-timing

No market predictions of Investor Business Daily or anyone else

No long lists of what stocks have done in the past week

No macroeconomics

No cannabis discussions

No Tesla posts (too contentious a subject)

No non-investing subjects

No angry attacks against posters with opposing opinions

NO Politics !!!

Thanks for your cooperation!