Money flowing out of China

Rich Chinese are getting their cash out of China and the RMB

I read articles around July/August 2023 saying that China’s economy was in trouble. I thought that this was paper talk to do with the BRICS meeting later in that month, but it seems that I was wrong. I’m surprised how quickly things are unwinding there:

Xi needs a distraction. With the USA tied up in the Middle East it could be Taiwan:

When all else fails, they take you to war
(Gerald Celente)



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I’ve just seen a UK news report that Putin is at death’s door :slight_smile:

@Divitias - Do you have a link that you can share?


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Not the most reliable source of news


Sometimes in Russia (and other totalitarian countries), “health fears” means “impending assassination”.


I was going to say that “health fears” do not mean he has any ailments.

The explosion is a consensus to do him in.

That link is not working for me. @Divitias I googled the story. It is armchair doctors praying for “V”. They are figuring out the veins in his hands.

Putin is ‘entirely too healthy,’ the C.I.A. director says. There is no evidence that the Russian president is unwell, Western intelligence officials said, after the Kremlin denied rumors about his health. Jul 21, 2022’entirely%20too%20healthy%2C’%20the%20C.I.A.,denied%20rumors%20about%20his%20health.

Putin looks OK to me:

Three people who could not do something decent if they were given $5.