Money in Sports: Lakers offer UConn Coach Dan Hurley $100 MM+ guaranteed contract

But MIT pays its employees better than anywhere else in academia. Full proper pensions.

Professors pay $150k to $300k.

You realize that professor level people at MIT could be making millions of dollars a year in industry, right?

I doubt they’re there for the pensions.

It’s actually pretty hard to get US engineering grads into academia since the starting Bachelor of Science salaries are so high in industry. That’s why most of the grad assistants tend to be foreigners. You’d really need to be independently wealthy to a leave a $100,000/yr offer on the table and then go work as a grad assistant for $30,000/yr.


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I have two family members. BILs who are Harvard and MIT faculty. I can tell you, you are completely wrong.

Both are fantastic guys. Neither are businesspeople.

I will add my dad was a Trinity Dublin-trained MD. I have heard Trinity is better than Oxford or Cambridge because the sister school does not have legacy students. Dad is an even worse businessperson than my BILs.

another add, one of my uncles is a Cornell Ph.D. in economics. He is well off but not rich. At his height in business he was being groomed as a future CEO of Armor Star Meats. Merck bought the company and he was pushed out. He was an econ professor at Franklin Pierce after that. He is an excellent businessperson but not very wealthy.

BTW Dan Hurley rejected the Lakers. He is staying with UCONN.

Yes, and Lamont promised to pay him $10 MM per year. Plus you’ll need extra millions to buy players in the transfer portal. CT tax rates going up?



He really wanted to stay at UCONN and with the $10,000,000 each year, he is now financially able to make ends meet.


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It could be that he is trying for dual legend status. Stay at UCONN a few more years and cement his legend status even further. THEN, move to the big league and become a legend there as well. He’s only 51 so he has plenty of time remaining to do so.

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I haven’t followed the NBA much, last I knew was that the Lakers had huge resources tied up in aging, no longer stars Lebron and Anthony Davis. Hurley probably did a deep dive on the Lakers prospects for the next 3-5 years and figured he’d be hard pressed to put together a title contender out of that roster. He’s better off waiting for the Celtics to come calling in a year or 2.

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I agree. We paid full freight for our kid to go to Harvard. About half of Harvard undergrads pay full tuition. I bet it is the same for that lesser neighboring institution called MIT.

For most students that is probably true. But for those who take advantage of the opportunities it can be. For example, my kid joined a consulting club. They were doing research consultations for Fortune 500 companies and major international NGOs who were obviously trying to recruit them with fancy dinners and swag. At the same time she was also managing the Harvard student-run homeless shelter. If all you do is go to class then Harvard is not much different than your state university. But if you take the effort to network, there are a ton of opportunities you won’t see elsewhere.

No one else could make this stuff up. MIT is the better school.

I can not find the actual cost of Harvard versus tuition charged. That was easy to find with MIT.

Former Harvard students who received federal aid command a median salary of $95,114 a decade after beginning college, according to the Department of Education’s College Scorecard. That’s well above the median salary of $50,806 among former attendees and federal aid recipients at all four-year institutions.

How much money do Harvard University graduates make and which majors earn the most upon graduating? Six years after enrolling, alumni who are working have average earnings of $96,800 per year. After ten years, graduates earn $136,700 on average .

How much do MIT graduates make after 10 years?

Salaries for Massachusetts Institute of Technology Graduates

MIT Salaries

After ten years, graduates earn $142,100 on average.

The state loves it. The state is attracting people with this. High earners love this. There is also a sponsorship element in advertising.

I am not sure how UCONN will use the sponsorship elements but it may offset tuition costs. Research alone it may lead to discoveries that contribute royalties to UCONN longer term.