I for one am interested in following this discussion. From a non-technical point of view I am hearing you discussing a potential new technology that has legs, and could disrupt the database legacy systems around the world, with huge potential impacts in costs to all users, and alternative providers like Oracle. If this technology pans out, and management has the ability to push it forward, this could be a home run stock. Could be is the key phrase, so it is definitely worth paying attention. These are the kinds of stocks that double annually for several years in a row, which is what I like.


4th Qtr Results……


This peaked my interested as well.

Listening to “Invest like the Best” Savneet Singh go over the SaaS market and the NTNX going to a SaaS model has made me dig into those businesses a lot. Mostly just the operations/business model and finances, not the product that the company actually produces. Haha, seems funny just to say that, since I used to only invest in companies in which I liked the product.

I’ve looked at WK, SPLK, NOW, WDAY, NTNX (of course), OKTA, MULE, and VEEV in the past couple of days. I own NTNX and OKTA. I have owned WK and SPLK previously.

Things I am looking for:

Market Cap: 1.99B but only 101M in revenue for 2017…

Valuation: I have learned not to anchor, but like NTNX stated in todays briefing, P/S ~8 is average for the SaaS market leaders. MDB is almost 14. The thing that throws me off is the enterprise value (from seeking alpha). and subsequently the EV/S of 1.73 is very low.

Gross margins: >75%. MDB is 74%

Revenue Growth is 53.87% but Earnings Growth is -58.42% (I am not as concerned with earnings since it just IPO’d and is high growth).

No Debt.

If someone wants to look at past growth %, I would appreciate it.

Was down 4.15% for the day, but up after earnings release by 4.33%