Moodys lowers US credit outlook

Citing political dysfunction.

That will cost us a few buckazoids.


Maybe, maybe not. The political dysfunction is certainly not new news, and Moody’s did maintain a AAA rating for the US.



Could send long-term Treasury bond yields higher than they already are, possibly over 5%

That link was from six days ago. 10 year rates are down since that was news.

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Well understood. There is a looming ceiling debt limit that has yet to be resolved. Next time if the Democrats dont support the Republican House Speaker, or even worse, if the House Speaker has to meet with a Democrat Caucus, then it could be the end of his Speakersip.
Several reps have indicated thus. No Speaker, No Bill, shutdown.

Debt ceiling was extended through December 2024. Not only is it not looming, it isn’t even a political issue for anyone running in 2024.


You’re right, my bad. Thanks for the clarification. I heard on the news that the ceiling had to be addressed in January. I just assumed they meant 2024.

It would be nice to see congress working again.

There is only so much I want out of Congress. We just had 2022 which is bearing a lot of fruit into the forseeable future. Why ask to play around with that? It is not like it is just our side that gets a say when the can is opened up.