More sanctions on Russian elites

Here is an excerpt from the national security council fact sheet announcing the sanctions, with more context behind the additional penalties:

Today, the United States, in coordination with Allies and partners, is targeting additional Russian elites and family members who continue supporting President Putin despite his brutal invasion of Ukraine…

These individuals and their family members will be cut off from the U.S. financial system, their assets in the United States will be frozen and their property will be blocked from use. The Department of Treasury will share financial intelligence and other evidence where appropriate with the Department of Justice to support criminal prosecutions and seizure of assets.

Today, the United States will sanction an expansive list of Putin’s cronies and their family members. One of the elites is Alisher Burhanovich Usmanov, one of Russia’s wealthiest individuals and a close ally of Putin. His property will be blocked from use in the United States and by U.S. persons – including his superyacht, one of the world’s largest, and just seized by our ally Germany, and his private jet, one of Russia’s largest privately-owned aircraft.

The United States will also sanction Dmitry Peskov, who as Putin’s spokesman is a top purveyor of Putin’s propaganda. The United States will also impose visa restrictions on 19 oligarchs and 47 of their family members and close associates.

As President Biden said, [we] will continue to work with our Allies and partners to hold accountable the Russian oligarchs and corrupt leaders who are profiting from this violent regime.

The United States and governments all over the world will work to identify and freeze the assets Russian elites and their family members hold in our respective jurisdictions – their yachts, luxury apartments, money, and other ill-gotten gains.


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In somewhat related news, Gerhard Schroder is getting a lot of heat.

In a letter, SPD chairmen Lars Klingbeil and Saskia Esken issued an ultimatum to former party leader and Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, calling on him to resign from his post at Russian state-owned companies.

Specifically, it is about Schröder’s posts at the Russian energy companies Nord Stream 1 and 2 and the oil company Rosneft, where he is the head of the supervisory board. In addition, Schröder is to take on a supervisory board position for Gazprom.


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