More TX RE: Housing Shift Noticeable

Still sounds like 2007 Irrational Exuberance to me: Guy whose job is to sell the public on “investing” is still fist pumping while preparing to run out the back door like Lil’ Josh Hawley:

Herald Banner/Yahoo headline:Analysis: Shift occurring in housing market

Hank Murphy, The Herald Banner, Greenville, Texas
Tue, July 19, 2022 at 11:50 AM·3 min read…

“There is a huge shift in the market going on right now,” said M&D Real Estate Managing Director Danny Perez. “The part of the shift we are in currently is what I call, the pause. I call it the pause, because on one hand, there is a seller up here expecting 25% year-over-year growth like we had been seeing. Then on the other hand, there’s a buyer down there saying, ‘Hey, wait a minute.’”

In this environment of rising interest rates, Perez sees the pause as temporary.

Gotta get in that last fist pump:

“We are in a great market in DFW. Buyers want to be here and then sellers still want to sell, because we still have a ton of appreciation in our homes right now,” said Perez.

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