More Updates... Both Ventura and iOS today

Looks to be nearly 2 Gb in Ventura, completed OK, iOS is still grinding away…


Thanks wecoguy for this timely notification. I’m glad to see this update since someone on the fool requested help getting rid of a clickbait that compromised his safari browser and its fixed…doc


Also smart watch update


And now Big Sur(!) and Monterey.

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Aye, they did, I caught my DW’s iMac today… She’s still on Monterey…

I installed iOS 16.6.1 on my iPad pro (which took quite a long while from 16.5.1(c)) and it seems to have caused Apple Mail to start becoming extremely slow to open emails after less than 30 minutes of activity. Annoying…

Ouch, didn’t see anything like that here, but I’m more using my iPhone & Mac Mini, so really only a glance on the iPhone or only reading if I’m stuck in a waiting room, most all can wait for home time on the big screen/monitor, and not using Mail, but M$ Outlook there… Be interesting to see how it works out, and I believe iOS 17 is coming, so maybe further changes… Don’t recall the schedule, the…

When in doubt, reboot. :sunglasses:

Yeah, I’ll try that if the issue persists. Of course, a reboot already happened as part of the update.

A bit more info…

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And today:

And I found Watch OS 10.0.1 is also available! Busy day!

My phone is installing a new security update to 16.7 as I type this.

But it appears that 17.0.1, also a security update, is now available.

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Yes, that came up on mine this morning, so they are cranking them out… Sonoma is also in the wings, out next week I think… Tough to keep up!

And now iOS 17.0.2 is out for all…