The building reminds me of the spite house in Alexandria.…

AC that was just around the corner from where Fool HQ used to be


Oh good PL, I was going to email you to see where you’re heading off to to post, glad this place is still here. :slight_smile:

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Well, I don’t FB, Insta or much other social media. I do have a few “forums” I hang out at… but this is still home. Sad what “the power to be” think is right to do… but again, it’s not my sandbox. I’ll just keep posting here, till they ban me for what I think is OK.

I will be watching what Musk does w/Insta… an option? I don’t yet know. But I think he’s going in the same direction TMF has been on for the last 29 years.!///HI.LD!/wavin/