Moving and ACA health plan

Sometime in the next couple of months we’ll be moving and changing states.
That means we will need to get a new ACA plan.

Currently we are in PA and have a UPMC plan we got through the Pennie marketplace.
We will be moving to OH, which I believe uses the I have not yet researched plans in Ohio.

Not entirely sure about the timing of various events. We close on the home in Ohio at the end of this month, but don’t expect to be moved in until maybe late August or early September. Our house in PA is going on the market soon, but figure it will take on the order of at least 6 weeks before closing. I figure we’ve got a little bit of leeway, but probably need to have a plan starting in September in Ohio.

Was hoping there was someone who has been through a change of ACA plans during the calendar year that could fill me in on any gotchas or things to beware of.