$MRNA $MRK news from Investor Business Daily: Is Moderna Stock A Buy On A Bullish Update For Its Cancer Vaccine?

Is Moderna Stock A Buy On A Bullish Update For Its Cancer Vaccine?


  • Checking in now. Also, we’re going to take a look at shares of Moderna, MRNA. Those are moving on the news that the company’s cancer vaccine, along with a Merck cancer drug, has shown success in a mid-stage clinical trial. For more on this, we bring in Yahoo Finance’s Anjalee Khemlani, following the story and joins us now for more. Anjalee.

ANJALEE KHEMLANI: That’s right. So really good news for this cancer vaccine, the personalized cancer vaccine for melanoma, especially late-stage and high-risk individuals. The way that Moderna and Merck fashioned this clinical trial is that post-surgery individuals will get doses of both Merck’s blockbuster drug KEYTRUDA, as well as doses of Moderna’s personalized vaccine.

And the deal has been a $250 million infusion from Merck to co-develop and share in profits for this. Moderna is working on the trial design with Merck, which obviously has a vast experience with cancer, and all types of cancer. So this really opens the door for more potential products down the line.

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