MSFT: Where I committed Error of Commission & Omission

10 years ago on Feb-4-2014 Satya Nadella took over as MSFT CEO. I know he was behind Cloud and was a moving force behind Azure. In the last 10 years, the stock went from $40 to $400, a true 10x in 10 years.

Error of Commission is mistakes you make. I made the mistake of selling all my microsoft shares on 10 year high of $40 :frowning:

The above chart is the reason it is very difficult to be a long-term investor or true buy and hold investor. Sometimes your patience will be tested for a decade and at most inopportune time you will end up selling.

Error of Omission is failure to act. When I realized it is a mistake to sell, and Azure will propel MSFT, and will be a strong competitor to AWS, I failed to buy back MSFT. Multiple times I bought and sold for some inconsequential tiny profits, but never established a core position.

Sometimes it is important to listen to your inner voice. To be a successful investor you need to overcome yourself.


@Kingran -Thanks for the nice introspective post.

I think, my own feeling, in similar circumstance, is the element of pride.
I say, if I can own the notion, “I made a mistake”, the easier it is to shake off and jump into an idea, or jump back into an idea. For me, it didn’t work for Facebook (now META) as it took me years to accept “I made a mistake”. But more recently, it has worked on another name mentioned on this board - Coherent (COHR)