Multinational Corporations are Upset!

The discussions precede the introduction from January of a minimum tax rate of 15% for large multinationals under a landmark global reform led by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Aren’t taxes just for the little people?
The hunt begins for nations NOT following the OECD mandate.


Yahoo is such crap. The US will be incentivizing corporations as usual as well both federal, state and local taxes waved in part or more for years on end. In the case of federal money it wont be a tax waved but direct incentives or special write offs.

Its a Reuters article.


Good for you.

It does not change the fact that we also incentivize corporations to be here. As does every other nation.

Yahoo is often clickbait even when Reuters is the underlying source. Yahoo now as much as Reuters made the choice to run this story.

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In December 2022, South Korea enacted new global minimum tax rules, and the EU unanimously adopted a directive to implement Pillar 2. Other countries have indicated that they plan to adopt Pillar 2 rules this year, including Australia, Canada, India, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

the United States has not yet enacted legislation implementing Pillar 2

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yeah it was mostly our idea.

Do we have Ireland on board? I thought I heard from family in Ireland that we do.