My Free Ride @ Morningstar 2 End

While you still have access to Portfolio Manager today, it will be retired for Basic users in the coming months. To continue tracking your investments and to keep your portfolio data, you’ll need a subscription to Morningstar Investor.

Since I invest via ETFs I see no value to me in buying premium access to Morningstar.
Time to find another free portfolio tracker.



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Time to find another free portfolio tracker.

Being a data kind of guy I rolled my own. I started by using Apple’s FileMaker Pro database about 30 years ago. It has gone over several revisions. The latest revision, a web-app, was started in 2011. I’m currently fixing some bugs and doing some Spring cleaning. Junk accumulates in web-apps as much as it does in your wallet and your home!

The Captain

BTW, don’t use a spreadsheet to track data, use a database.