Natural Gas Industry and their Banks are blowing smoke in our eyes

An executive with the TC Energy, a group that is among the largest operators of natural gas pipelines in North America, said electricity demand from energy-intensive data centers will support an increased need for the fuel in the coming years.

Stanley Chapman, executive vice president and COO of Calgary, Alberta-based TC Energy, in a May 3 company earnings call said he expects demand for natural gas tied to data center operations will rise by as much as 8 billion cubic feet a day (Bcf/d) by 2030. That level is equal to about 21% of the current demand for the fuel at U.S. gas-fired power plants.

Said Chapman, “We do see a meaningful load-in growth opportunity and increased demand in coming years due to data centers.” Chapman said his company is upgrading its pipeline network across some states, and increasing connections to local distribution networks, as part of its strategy to support the demand growth for natural gas.

A Wells Fargo analysis of the electricity sector, published in April, said data centers and technology related to artificial intelligence (AI) alone are expected to add about 323 TWh of power demand in the U.S. by 2030. Goldman Sachs has said data centers will account for 8% of total U.S. electricity consumption by the end of the decade.

Data centers are driving increased demand for electricity worldwide, in part because they support technology related to AI and computing networks. The power demand is so great that many analysts say growth in the use of renewable energy resources will not be enough to satisfy increased electricity consumption, including from electrification of transportation.

That’s why Chapman and others in the natural gas industry say demand for their fuel will increase as a cost-effective way to produce power. Richard Kinder, executive chairman of pipeline operator Kinder Morgan, during the company’s earnings call in April said, “This type of need demonstrates that the emphasis on renewables as the only source of power is fatally flawed in terms of meeting the real demands of the market. The primary use of these data centers is big tech and I believe they’re beginning to recognize the role that natural gas and nuclear must play.”


There is a concerted effort by the Natural Gas Industry to stop renewables from dominating the growth of electrical power generation. They want all the coal fired power plants to be replaced by natural gas fired plants. They are already doing this in several places in the country:

I do not buy their propaganda! Natural Gas power plants still emit CO2 and the get natural gas out of the earth, processed and put into pipelines to deliver the gas to the power plants results in significant amounts of methane leaked into the atmosphere.strong text Solar with batteries and wind with batteries will kill the economics of Natural Gas slowly but surely. And when non-battery long term energy storage (> 24 hours) is developed into economic technology we will see less stress and strain put on the Lithium battery materials mining and processing.



Have you found a price for the CTAL Tenner system megapack. It is a 6.25 megawatt hour pack in a 20 foot container. If it could be had for 500,000 (80 dollars a kilowatt hour) it would be an excellent pack for replacing standby diesel generators at small telecom installations.

Heres the math, a small regeneration hut uses about 10 kilowatts or about 240 kilowatt hours a day. A 6.25 mwh hour pack would provide over 3 weeks worth of energy. As the back up power is stone reliable this would replace both the generator set and the 48 volt battery plant.

Cellular sites use more electricity than regen huts, upwards of 50 kilowatts for some sites, so they would only have about 5 days of back up energy. This is actually enough. A back up generator typically needs human intervention in 4 days.

Add in a 40 to 200 kilowatt solar panel and you have a completely self sustaining and distributed power system for close to the capital cost of the current system.

I wish I could find the price of that system.