Negative AMRN article on stock advisor

Stock advisor has a moderately negative article about Amarin which has been on my watch list.

The author’s byline is DoctoRx. He is a cardiologist.

Having worked with the FDA previously, this article does a nice job of explaining the complexity and challenges with investing in the Rx space because as investors, we can’t know the details of FDA results until everyone knows. Then it’s typically either a rush to the exits or a rush to buy in.

Bottom line, there is a chance the placebo used lowered the effectiveness of the statins users were on which then increased the appearance of effectiveness of the AMRN pill.

The author did purchase AMRN in $10 range but exited before it got into the $20s.

As he says, this is potentially really disappointing because we do need an effective cholesterol lowering product with low and low risk side effects.


Seeking Alpha, not Stock Advisor


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This was the same thing I posted later. The main takeaway for me is that the writer says that from his experience with dealing with FDA approval, the use of mineral oil as a major part of the placebo makes FDA approval more iffy, since mineral oil might not be considered to be a good enough placebo.