$NET and the war

Since Putin invaded Ukraine, I have seen lots of posts aimed at companies still doing business in Russia, urging them to stop doing business in the country. I was struck by the presence of Cloudflare (NET) on that list–the only cloud company named. I thought they would be needed now more than ever to help people get information as independent outlets were being shut down.

A Yahoo news article from yesterday about the attempts to get real news into Russia confirms that:

"The U.S. government has also sought to protect the continued presence of companies such as Cloudflare, a cybersecurity company used by much of the Internet to keep their websites online. The company has faced calls to drop sites that echo Kremlin propaganda, but it has resisted due to concerns that could lead to its other clients - including independent media reaching Russians - falling offline, too.

"The State Department has supported them in that balancing act, with a spokesperson telling The Washington Post, “It is critical to maintain the flow of information to the people of Russia to the fullest extent possible.”

Here’s a link to the full article: https://news.yahoo.com/west-breaking-russias-propaganda-wall….

I bought more NET this morning.

10.26% NET


I should add that since Cloudflare is protecting both propaganda and real news outlets in Russia, and since Cloudflare is now using Crowdstrike, they are both getting hammered by the best hackers in the world on a constant basis, as each tries to take the other down.

That means the pace of their AI/ML learning must be massive.

I bought more CRWD this morning, too.