NET - Michelle Zatlyn Interview

On todays Founders Field Guide podcast.

Michelle Zatlyn is the co-founder and COO of Cloudflare, a now $25 billion dollar business which she helped take public last year. Cloudflare helps businesses make their websites faster and more secure, and over 25 million websites are running Cloudflare today. In our conversation, we discuss the catalyst for starting CloudFlare, explore the layers of the internet and the future of distributed storage and computing power, and discuss how and why Cloudflare operates its network across 200 cities globally. :…

Show Notes

(2:52) – Project Honeypot and how it started

(3:39) – What question was Honeypot solving

(4:59) – Working through the idea maze of Cloudflare

(7:30) – The first iteration of Cloudflare

(8:15) – An overview of the cybersecurity market and why more leaders need to pay attention

(10:33) – First big break for the company

(12:50) – Risks they help mitigate

(16:42) – Cyber weapons that Cloudflare protects against

(20:14) – Hardest part of the building process

(24:06) – Effective marketing lessons

(25:41) – The sharks vs mosquitoes concept

(27:53) – How do decide where to focus next

(31:34) – The Cloudflare workers program

(36:33) – Their scale vs other cloud providers

(42:21) – The finance side of Cloudflare and their relationship vs Wall Street

(42:40) – John Collison Podcast Episode

(44:47) – Relationship with their founding partners

(50:46) – What about the future is most excites them

(52:32) – Kindest thing anyone has done for her


Here is the story that Michelle mentions about Lee Holloway (Cloudfare’s third co-founder). Heartbreaking, but I enjoyed reading about Cloudfare’s beginnings.…

And here is Cloudfare’s founder letter, which is also mentioned. I find Prince/Zatlyn’s constant emphasis that “this is just the beginning” inspiring.


that’s a message that money doesn’t count , time is your friend use it wisely.pretty crazy 2 days.have been in NET for 1 year and plan on sticking around. thanks for sharing.

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