$NET Opens New Office in Canada

I can imagine with $NVDA using their edge computing (SASE), Cloudfare $NET will partner to offer seamless autonomous driving/A/I computing services for all of North America in the next decade.

I feel you can’t go wrong when Jensen Huang and $NVDA picks your company to make damned sure the data feed to your autonomous software/hardware does not have latencies. This is the kind of testimonial $NET CAN use to drum up new business elsewhere as well.


7)$NET Missed news from last week: cyber-security/SASE name Cloudflare opens a new branch office in Canada. The co-founder of $NET, Michelle Zatlyn is Canadian. Don’t forget $NVDA just picked $NET for their edge computing needs in A/I and autonomous driving:

p.s. Disclosure: I own $NET shares. I do not own $NVDA.