Net-zero by 2040

June 8, 2022……

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The nation’s largest utility on Wednesday outlined a multi-decade plan that aims to more rapidly reduce to zero its net greenhouse gas emissions while still using natural gas to produce power.

Pacific Gas & Electric’s plan is to take as much carbon out of the air as it emits by 2040, five years earlier than the goal set by its home state of California and Southern California Edison, the state’s second-largest utility.

With 16 million customers across northern and central California, PG&E supplies more people than any other utility in the nation. Its climate goals are among the most ambitious laid out by major investor-owned utilities, partly because California already has set aggressive clean energy laws, such as requiring utilities to get 100% of electric power from non-carbon sources by 2045.


P.S. - By 2030 PG&E will

  1. Have 70% of its electric supply comes from renewable sources
  2. Add charging stations to power 3 million electric vehicles
  3. Decrease natural gas consumption by 40%
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