Cloudflare Announces Cloudflare One, a Platform to Connect and Secure Companies and Remote Teams Anywhere, On Any Device

New service from NET. Woth a read. Link below.




While I don’t believe the press release doesn’t tell of anything new besides some great customer quotes, Cloudflare’s Birthday Week did.

More Updates, SSI now 9% of port
In recognition of their 10 year anniversary, Cloudflare (NET) hosted their Birthday Week from September 28 - Oct 2. This included a number of product announcements and a long list of speakers in interviews on Cloudflare TV. The speaker list was very impressive, including many CEO’s of leading Internet companies like Slack, Zoom, Upwork, Stripe, Rent the Runway, Box, DocuSign, OpenTable and PagerDuty.

The biggest take-aways for investors were associated with the product announcements. I liked the variety and depth across Cloudflare’s many product lines. Additionally, this further demonstrates Cloudflare’s rapid product development cycle, as these follow Serverless Week in late July, which also included a number of product releases. Here is a list of the major product announcements from Birthday Week, with links to posts on Cloudflare’s blog for more detail.

  • Workers - Durable Objects. Durable objects provide persistent, consistent storage of data for Worker processes. Storing some sort of state between requests is foundational to most applications. The breadth of use cases where processing can be moved to the edge is expanded by having data storage available. Durable objects enables this, by allowing any set of data to be persisted with guaranteed consistency across multiple requests. Objects can be shared between multiple application clients (users). This consistent and sharable data object storage enables many common use cases for multi-user Internet applications, like chat, collaboration, document sharing, gamlng, social feeds, etc.
  • Workers - Cron Triggers. Cron triggers allow worker processes to be kicked off based on a time schedule. This differs from the current method in which a user has to make a request in order to trigger a worker. This scheduling of tasks is common for many use cases, like downloading new data updates or sending out communications. With this capability, developers can set a worker to run on a time frequency, like every hour or daily.
  • Privacy-first Analytics Service. Many free web site analytics packages are
  • available on the Internet. Google Analytics is probably the most popular and familiar. However, most of these free services also track users across multiple sites and then combine that activity data to improve ad targeting. This raises privacy concerns. Cloudflare’s new Analytics Service provides the same level of free web site analytics, but without the inherent cost of giving up the privacy of that site’s users. This is a noble gesture by Cloudflare and will make their service slightly more sticky for small to medium sized web site that are looking for an inexpensive tool to generate analytics.
  • Cloudflare Radar. Given that Cloudflare processes a large portion of the traffic that traverses the Internet, they have insight into usage patterns globally. Radar provides a dashboard of Internet activity showing traffic flows, domain usage, DDOS attacks, protocols, browser usage, device preferences, etc. This can be sliced by country or even down to individual web site URLs. This service is free to the public. The benefit to Cloudflare would be increased visibility of their products.
  • API Shield. API’s are code modules hosted on a server that provide access to application business logic and data for remote clients, like mobile devices. They deliver a standard interface to which client applications can connect. However, bad actors can also locate these API’s and try to manipulate them to extract data. Cloudflare’s API Shield product provides a way to protect API endpoints from exploit by requiring client certificates to authenticate and monitoring traffic for unauthorized behavior. This will provide another layer of protection for the WAF product line.