New location for solar panels

Ah those crazy Europeans! They’ve found new locations for solar panels, and without a single complaint from the locals.

French energy associations installing solar shades above cemetery – pv magazine International.

French energy associations installing solar shades above cemetery

Brier’energie and RECIT are installing solar shades above a cemetery in Saint-Joachim, northern France. The installation will span 8,000 square meters and is designed for self-consumption.


When you hear the first complaint from the residents of the cemetery, RUN LIKE HELL! :imp:

The Captain


Too late !! They already got you. They used the power for their own use…

Heaven helps those who help themselves. Even churches need to cut their electrical costs to make up for their shrinking congregations.
Jaak (nuclear engineer)

I wonder if solar panels are as cheap as plywood. At any rate, there is a global glut.

China’s manufacturers are pumping out so many solar panels that the resulting global glut has caused prices to tank.

Solar panels — 80% of which are made in China — are so cheap that they’re now being used to line garden fences in Germany and the Netherlands, the Financial Times reported on Tuesday…

Solar-panel supply globally is forecast to reach 1,100 gigawatts by the end of this year — three times more than demand



I will be buying soon here in Mexico. Prices are still staying too high but surplus is cracking the market. I already have a ten year old set, but I will replace those, quadruple their total absorptive area, and add a big battery, making me grid independent.

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Solar panels have dropped to crazy cheap prices.

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